2018-19 Season


Pat Heldt – cell: 419.309.3301 – email:

Chief Administrator of the Association; ensure that communications are established with personnel in charge of the various leagues and rinks; supervise all officers and officials of the Association.


Todd Switala – cell: 419.356.4616 – email:

Help supervise the performance of all Association officials; maintain at least one (1) copy of each rule book by which various hockey leagues will abide, and will serve as rules interpreter for each book; develop and supervise a training program for all officials.


Keith Sokoloski – cell: 419.304.3222 – email:

Maintain a current listing of all officers and officials in the Association; conduct all Association correspondence; collect and disburse all monies generate from officiating and other Association business; keep a suitable set of books

Members at Large

Bill Himmel – email:
Greg Pattinson – email:
Mitch Perry – email:
Justin Phillips – email:

Member of the Executive Committee and shall assist in the conduct of all Association Business.

USA Hockey Supervisor

Marty Birkenkamp – cell: 517.920.3258 email: