For Team Managers

Team Managers and Program Directors:

Game Scheduling – If you have games scheduled and need to book officials, please get your schedules in. We start scheduling officials 14+ days in advance and this allows us the best opportunity to place officials onto the appropriate games.   Any requests for officials less than 48 hrs in advance will incur a $5/official and $1/scheduling fee. Any requests for officials less than 24 hrs notice will incur a $10/official and $2/scheduling fee. These fees are in addition the current rates for officials.

Every team manager has access to Arbiter (our scheduling tool) to confirm that their game schedule has been received and entered correctly (date, time, and location).  Please report any discrepancies to the scheduler ASAP so corrections can be made.  You can also see when officials have been assigned to your games.

Notification of Game Cancellation –  we must be notified of all cancelled games as soon as known by the team. Game cancellations within 48 hours of game time should be made by Phone/Text to Bill Medlen or Rick Purcell to confirm.  E-mail can be used to follow-up, but please contact by phone to ensure the cancellation request is received and officials are notified.  Any team that communicates a game cancellation less than 2 hrs in advance of game time will still be responsible for paying the full cost of official’s fees.


House Rec, All-Star, and Adult
Ricky Purcell – cell: 419.779.7322 email: Rpurcell@Bex.Net

Travel and High School (OHSAA)
Bill Medlen – cell: 419.680.4899 email:

Marty Birkenkamp – cell: 517.920.3258 email: